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About L. A. Wajda

Thrillers and Killers and Blood! Oh My!

L. A. Wajda writes the kind of books she likes to read:  Thrillers, a little suspense… with maybe a touch of romance thrown in here and there… Maybe.  It depends, really, on who she’s killing off.

Born and raised in Upstate New York, she lives there still with her husband, their four children, dog Ollie, and their fat kitty, Pepper (who was definitely not her idea.) An at home mom for over twenty years, she combined her love for writing and her Psych degree to write thrillers with twists (she hopes) you’ll never see coming.

In an interview with K. Mackey, of Boca Raton, Ms. Wajda stated “Actually, I started out writing romance stories and novellas, because I like to write them too… And then a girl who worked for my husband started hitting on him, hard. To the point of ridiculous…

“There’s a Sydney in just about every book.”

She followed us to dinner with her dopey friends and sent him the check… She’d call him  when she knew we were out together… even sent a note home to him with my nine-year-old son… giggling all the way.  I had just lost my father and my sister to cancer, three months apart, and these incidences kind of pushed me over the edge, I guess…  I saw red.”

“One night, I came home and killed her off in a book after one of her pranks, and found my new love for murder.  Legal murder, that is. And I’ve been killing her off ever since.  It’s not hard to be twisted with that little twit as my muse.”